Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cosmic Log - Can science prove we're psychic?

Billion-Pixel Image Tool Probes Science Mysteries

--- I read about this technology years ago, and it is developing much faster than many had anticipated. This is going to have a huge impact. It seems that some 'Blade Runner' tech is here.

Hey, We're Gonna Balance the Budget! But Seriously, Folks ...

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But collaboration and bipartisanship are means, not ends. They're ways of getting things done, not the things themselves. When a culture prizes the method more it does the results, it's gone astray.Read more at

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who's Counting: Crooked Coins, Fair Probabilities and Strange Sequences - ABC News

At Milky Way’s Center, Scientists Find Big Bubbles of Energy -

Epigenetics Seeks Clues to Mental Illness in Genes’ Life Story - Science in 2011 -

epigenetics, the study of how people’s experience and environment affect the function of their genes.

Why I Will Stay Far Away From Cliffs From Now on

The Christian Right in Context, Part 1: The Long View

Quantitative Easing Round II: The Fed's Second Shot

Google Ocean: Google's Digital Activism

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Will Our New Leaders Encourage Consumers to Save?

Obama's Problem Simply Defined: It Was the Banks

Sugar Health Risks: Are You Letting Real Sugar Off the Hook?

Fueling Positive Emotions in a World Gone Mad

QE2 Geneates Instant Wealth Creation

Is Death the End? Experiments Suggest You Create Time

outline - promotion of "Biocentrism" (co-authored with astronomer Bob Berman) lays out Lanza's theory of everything.

Experiment after experiment continues to suggest that we create time, not the other way around.