Saturday, March 5, 2011

White Collars Turn Blue

NYT Magazine

Getting Ahead

White Collars Turn Blue

By Paul Krugman

Published: September 29, 1996

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These, then, were the underlying misconceptions of late-20th-century futurists. Their flawed analysis led, in turn, to the five great economic trends that observers in 1996 should have expected but didn't.

Soaring Resource Prices

The Environment as Property

The Rebirth of the Big City

The Devaluation of Higher Education

The Celebrity Economy


Politics in a Culture of Ignorance

..that the simple formula of lower taxes and limited government will somehow solve all of the complex economic and social problems in an globally integrated world? And yet that is the pabulum that a whole host of Republican presidential hopefuls offer again and again to their base, and, through media coverage, to the rest of us.

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Think about the countless numbers of elected officials, Republicans all, who say that "we" are "broke," a rather bombastic overstatement, because of greedy public employees. Due to the "lazy" greed of these middle-income public servants, the argument goes, we need to abolish collective bargaining and eviscerate budgets for education, the arts, the environment and even law-enforcement. What else can you do when it is sin to either raise taxes or scale back corporate tax breaks? What's more, there is no room for negotiation on these matters, which means that there is no space for conceptual nuance, and little or no willingness for a civil exchange of ideas that might result in compromise -- the foundation of the American political system.


Anthropocene Epoch In National Geographi

Man's Massive Global Impact: A Look At The Anthropocene Epoch In National Geographic (PHOTOS)

Whatever Happened To The Audiophile?

There are still people who passionately pursue the highest possible sound quality in their playback equipment, and are willing to spend large portions of their income to the best speakers, amplifiers or turntables. That said, the landscape — or perhaps soundscape — has changed.

- Mark Katz, associate professor of music at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Beltway Bubble And Unemployment

The Beltway Bubble And Unemployment

Taxes Are Too Damn High (They Are "Zero"

Tim Pawlenty Is Pretty Sure Bank Of America's Taxes Are Too Damn High (They Are "Zero," Actually)

The United States Isn't a Company ...

Richard (RJ) Eskow: The United States Isn't a Company and It Isn't a Family -- It's a Country.

Stephen Colbert int Greenwald & Assange


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Stephen Colbert Interviews Glenn Greenwald -- and Julian Assange

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speaker Boehner's Space Odyssey

Speaker Boehner is also working alongside Rep. Greg Walden (R - NCTA) who has introduced a congressional resolution of disapproval that would reverse the FCC's past Net Neutrality rules and prohibit the agency from acting in any way as a watchdog of the open Internet.

Their plan to ban Net Neutrality would hand over our freedom to connect and speak freely via the web to Comcast, Verizon and AT&T -- with no recourse for the public when they block any content they don't like for any reason.

Tech and the Decline of Traditional TV